Building foils are usually used as supporting materials in building industry.

Our range of building foils includes:

  • foil rolls available in the following sizes:


TYPE 150 TYPE 200
4m x 25m 4m x 25m


  • foil sheets available in the following sizes:

TYPE 150 TYPE 200
3m x 5mb 3m x 5mb
3m x 8mb 3m x 8mb
3m x 10mb 3m x 10mb
3m x 15mb 3m x 15mb
4m x 5mb 4m x 5mb
4m x 10mb 4m x 10mb
4m x 15mb 4m x 15mb


  • PE-LD vapour barrier film:


TYP 200
2m x 50mb





  • vapour proof

  • makes a waterproof layer

  • flexible and easy to install

  • tear resistant

  • protects against the effects of weather and contamination


Application - Black PE films are designed for making:


  • moisture insulation layer under floors, tiles, self levelling compounds, etc.

  • anti-slip layer on terrace surfaces

  • moisture protection layer for thermal and acoustic insulation

  • temporary protection of roof slopes, building elevation, window joinery, etc.

  • waterproof insulation for wet space

  • protective insulation for ceilings and building foundations

  • and many, many more...


A vapour barrier film is building foil improved by a substance increasing its resistance to ageing. Usually the vapour barrier films are available in light colours (yellow or white) and they are translucent. Their main use is a vapour barrier layer for roofs and wall systems inside buildings.



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