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About us


Recyklon - we focus on continuous development.

Recyklon has been following new technologies in the field of recycling and processing of plastics for over 15 years. The concern to recycle LDPE, HDPE and PP raw materials and reuse them in production has become a priority for the owners of Recyklon. Together with professional and experienced staff, we fulfill the company's basic goal - to provide customers with the highest quality LDPE and PP granulates. In this way, we implement our contribution to the development of a low-emission economy, increasing the share of recyclates in the global production of plastics and thus reducing the consumption of natural resources.


The Recyklon company was established in 2005 and from the very beginning dealt with the processing of LDPE film. Over the years, along with the development of the machinery park and with the needs of customers, we also started to produce PS, PP and HDPE granulates and to process entrusted raw materials.

Thanks to our reliability and solid quality of our products, we have gained the trust of new customers and we have strengthened our position on the plastic waste processing market. We systematically increase the volume of produced granulates, while constantly improving their properties. We invest in new technologies, research and development, which undoubtedly contributes to the improvement of the ecological environment around us.


"We are pleased to announce that Zakład Usługowy RECYKLON PIOTR RADOSZ Sp.J. joined the "Business Without Barriers" program. It is an idea supporting people with disabilities in the technological labor market. We use the Occupational Medicine Platform application from 01.08.2019 and promote the Legal Advice Platform among our employees. Both applications are provided and administered by Grupa AF Sp. z o.o. which employs 80% of people with disabilities in its ranks. "