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LDPE Granulates

  • Q-REC LDPE Translucent

    LDPE PCR granulate produced from post-consumer transparent film, washed with double filtration. We guarantee the parameters of our products. Perfect for the production of even very thin transparent, translucent and colored films.

  • Q-REC LDPE Color

    LDPE PCR granulate produced from post-consumer color foil, washed with double filtration.This product is available in black - dark gray. The highest quality LDPE color granulate in its class allows the production of bags even with a thickness of 20 microns.

  • Q-REC LDPE PV Bags

    LDPE PCR granulate produced from bags of original LDPE granules. It’s available in shades from white through cream, gray, green, blue. Ideal for the production of covered, strong LDPE foil bags and LDPE foil.

  • Q-REC LDPE Blue

    Regranulat LDPE PCR produkowany z folii poużytkowej – niebieskiej, przetwarzanej w procesie regranulacji z myciem i filtracją. Produkt dostępny w kolorze niebieskim. Materiał wsadowy użyty do produkcji charakteryzuje się niskim stopniem zabrudzenia. Regranulat do produkcji folii od 30-40mi.

  • LDPE Natural (Transparent)

    LDPE PCR granulate produced from post-consumer blue foil, washed with double filtration. The product is available in blue. The input material used for production is characterized by a low degree of contamination. Used for production of films from 30-40mi.

HDPE Granulates

  • HDPE Black

    HDPE granulate of post-production and post-consumer origin (PCR). Raw material from high-quality batch mixes, ideal for production by extrusion.

PP Granulates

PP granulate, PCR or post-production origin. The raw material is colored in mass, which guarantees the high quality of the product.


We provide services in the field of granulating, crushing, grinding and washing plastics.

Purchase of waste

We are interested in permanent cooperation in the field of plastic waste collection.


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