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The highest quality

Q-REC LDPE and Q-REC PP granulates from Recyklon are a sign of the highest quality PCR granulates available on the market..
Thanks to the implementation of many technological innovations, we provide our clients with granulates that are characterized by:

  • the highest level of filtration available on the market (double filtration 90mi and 90mi),
  • excellent level of homogenization (homogeneity) and degassing,
  • proprietary recipes for the inputs used,guaranteeing the highest parameters of the finished product,
  • meeting strict criteria resulting from the Eucertplast certificate (PCR),
  • guarantee of the stability of the parameters of the produced granulates.

The waste used in production is supplied by reliable suppliers of waste foil. We establish cooperation according to strictly defined rules and after the suppliers meet our quality requirements. Quality of the delivered waste is checked according to a multi-stage protocol before ordering, before unloading, and before starting production.

All granulates produced in Recyklon are mixed (standardized) before being packed into BigBags. Every Big Bag with the finished raw material is subject to internal quality control, during which the flow rate (MFR, MFI) and the level of moisture are tested. From each 24-ton batch of our raw material, we blow the film for control in order to check its quality.

W pierwszym kwartale 2021 zaczynamy rozbudowę działu B+R, który pozwoli na udoskonalenie bieżącej technologii oraz wyrobu gotowego.Recyklon jest co roku audytowany w ramach certyfikacji Eucertplast. Odznaczenie naszych linii produkcyjnych i produktów tym znakiem dowodzi stosowania się przez Zakład do najwyższych standardów zarządzania jakością, transparentnością procesu produkcyjnego oraz wykorzystaniem surowców pokonsumenckich. Certyfikat nakłada na nas wymóg pełnego monitoringu procesu produkcyjnego. Pozwala nam to zarządzać jakością produktu, identyfikować przyczyny ewentualnych odchyleń jakościowych oraz natychmiast je eliminować.

We are starting the expansion of the R&D department in the first quarter of 2021, which will allow us to improve the current technology and the finished product. Recyklon is audited every year as part of the Eucertplast certification. Designating our production lines and products with this sign proves that the plant complies with the highest quality management standards, the transparency of the production process and the use of post-consumer raw materials . The certificate requires us to fully monitor the production process. This allows us to manage product quality, identify the causes of possible quality deviations and eliminate them immediately.


"We are pleased to announce that Zakład Usługowy RECYKLON PIOTR RADOSZ Sp.J. joined the "Business Without Barriers" program. It is an idea supporting people with disabilities in the technological labor market. We use the Occupational Medicine Platform application from 01.08.2019 and promote the Legal Advice Platform among our employees. Both applications are provided and administered by Grupa AF Sp. z o.o. which employs 80% of people with disabilities in its ranks. "