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Offer - LDPE Regranulate

Q-REC LDPE Translucen

Q-REC LDPE Translucen is made of transparent waste foil. We have been refining this product for years, which is why we are able to guarantee even the most restrictive customer requirements. The requirements for LDPE translucent regranulate are usually high, therefore the key element is a stable, well-sorted batch and full control over the supply chain. The quality of our regranulate is confirmed by the specification sheet below and the RecyClass certificate (see certificate).

Application of Q-REC LDPE Translucent Regranulate:

  • blown film,
  • after adjusting the parameters - injection,
  • cast film.

Q-REC LDPE Translucent Regranulate - advantages:

  • guaranteed MFI level / parameters adjusted to customer needs,
  • the highest quality of the charge and delivery control,
  • proper homogenization, plasticization (appropriate processing temperature, proper design of the plasticizing system),
  • raw material purity (double filtration at the level of 90 microns),
  • optional 80 micron filtration,
  • double degassing,
  • reduction of process odors remaining on the regranulate.
  • homogeneous product (stable in terms of parameters) thanks to mixing at the level of the ordered batch..


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